Christmas Slide Show Images


Criteria for submitting images for the 2015 Christmas slide show.

Each club member may submit no more than two images each month

except for November which can have no more than four images.*

All images must be in jpg format, 300dpi resolution or as close to that

as their software will allow and 1024 pixels at the greatest dimension

(length or width) Resolution must be set before setting the dimension.**

All images MUST be have the title*** included in the image file, i.e.,Bear

Butte Sunrise….jpg. This greatly reduces the amount of time required

to embed the titles in the images and set up a numbering sequence for

each member submittals.  All images MUST be sent as Attachments.***

This requirement will provide me with a running count of the total number

of slides I will be receiving and eliminate a late rush by individuals to catch

up.The easiest way to do this is to set up a folder in January and just drop

two photos in it each month.


**   Images not meeting these conditions will be rejected.

***  I encourage each submitter to give careful consideration when selecting

a title. Titles should convey a message to the viewer whenever possible.

In other words,  BE INOVATIVE.

Please send all submittals/questions to Ted Ayers at

And finally  participating members need to recheck their image sizes and title

spelling before hitting the “send” key.

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