October Competition Winners

Here are the results from the Club Photo Competition on October 9th.
Congratulations to everyone.

Our theme this month was “Nature”. We had some wonderful submissions. Glad I didn’t have to judge!

A special thanks to Markus and Candy for judging the submitted images for the competition. They provided some great feedback and suggestions to the other photographers.

Novice had eight entries
1st – “Rocky Ridge Poults” by Mary Hercher
2nd – “High Key Tatanka” by Mary Hercher
3rd – “Looking Up” by Jackie Dittman

Amateur had eighteen entries
1st – “Bugling Elk” by Dan Alfson
2nd – “Feeding The Family” by Dan Alfson
3rd – “Bee On Thistle” by Eva Bareis
HM – “Shadehill Sunset” by Lou Howey

Advanced Amateur had ten entries
1st – “Butterfly on Lavendar” by Sue Gannaway
2nd – “Beautiful Blue Eyes” by Ted Ayers
3rd – “Goose Nest” by Dave Vaughn
HM – “Dragonfly on Weed” by Sue Gannaway

Master had seven entries
1st – “Hunters Stare” by Harlan Humphrey
2nd – “Colorful Badlands Sunrise” by Harlan Humphrey
3rd – “Elk” by Don Bennett
HM – “Jack Frost” by Candy Erk Manthey

This was our last theme based competition for the year. We will hold our year end competition in December so all past winners get your pictures ready!


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