Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

The BHPC would like to wish all its members, families, and friends a joyous holiday season.


Reminders for upcoming year


Constitution & By-Laws

Final update to BHPC Constitution and By-Laws

Be sure to check out the proposed changes and updates to our Constitution and By-Laws.  Look them over and let us know if you have any questions.  We will be voting on these changes at the January meeting.


2013 Competition Themes and submission changes

The 2013 Photography Competition themes have been added along with updated rules and submission guidelines.


Club meeting date changes

There were a few months where the GF&P’s had classes scheduled during our 2nd Tuesday’s so we had to move a few to the 3rd Tuesday.  Calendar on the site has been updated but you might want to update your own calendar.

April 16 (instead of the 9)

August 20 (instead of the 13)

September 17 (instead of the 10)


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