4-H Photography Competition

Had a great afternoon today with the folks of 4-H.  Steve and I (Kaleb) were judges for the Western 4-H Family & Consumer Science Show‘s photography and scrapbook entries.   These were a great bunch of kids with some great talent.  They were very respectful and interested in what we had to say to help improve their submissions.  There sure is some great talent in these young folks.  I can’t say I was the best judge when it came to the scrapbook pages but I did my best.

Thanks to all that volunteered to help, even though they only needed two judges.  They were very, very grateful for our help and the Clubs fast and enthusiastic response to their request.

They did mention an interest in a few members from the club doing a presentation to some of the kids.  So something to keep in mind and let me know who might be interested.

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