Black Hills Knowledge Network Photo Contest

Another great chance for some of the great photographers in our club (that means ALL OF YOU!) to maybe win a cool prize.  Looks very cool and many of our local libraries are participating so there is more than one prize.  So get out there and represent the Black Hills Photography Club!!!

Comment: Hi! I wanted to let your members know of a photo contest hosted by the Black Hills Knowledge Network. Here is the link with more information:

The Black Hills Knowledge Network is an online resource for lots of local news, information, and statistics. We just finished a redesign of the website and are looking to feature some great Black Hills images.

Entries can be submitted to me and will be accepted through March 30. Prizes are offered for a winner from each participating community library (list included in web post) and libraries are eligible for prizes as well.

If you have any questions please let me know. My email is  (I will be nice and not post for all those spamers out there)  and my work phone number is 718-????. Thank you!  (if any one wants Jessica’s info contact me and I will get it to you)

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