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Competition Rules (downloadable PDF)

1. Competitions are open to current BHPC members.


2. Maximum of 2 entries per member, per competition.


3. Each entry must include a title of the photograph.


4. Previously entered images may not be re-entered in subsequent competitions.
This is to encourage new work.


5. All entries will be judged at the Level in which they are entered. The issuing of Awards [1st, 2nd, 3rd, Honorable Mention (HM)] will be left to the discretion of the judge(s). Awards will not be given if the judge(s) does not feel the entry is deserving. The decisions of the judge(s) will be final. The Competition Chairperson will select judges.


6. When a competitor wins three 1st place awards in a given Level since starting the competition, they will be moved to the next higher Level for the coming competition year. Winning the Year-End competition does not count as winning a third 1st place.


7. The Competition Chairperson will update the Member Levels list when new members join and/or member Levels are changed.


8. A “Year-End” competition will be conducted annually at the December Meeting. 1st place winning photographs will compete for an end-of-year award, in each Level. Only one award per person will be given. In the event of a tie, the year-end winner will be determined by a runoff vote. The Competition Chairperson will determine judging for this competition.


9. Individuals judging a competition are ineligible to enter in that competition.


10. All digital images entered into the competition as slides must meet the following requirements:
  • File Type: JPEG
  • Colorspace: sRGB
  • Longest Dimension: 1024 Pixels
  • File size: Maximum of 500kb
  • Image Orientation: Correct for viewing
  • No logos or copyright on photo, can be included with metadata


11. HDR (High Dynamic Range) images are allowed, but must be an accurate representation of what the eye truly sees.


* Reality based category rules
All adjustments must look natural. No elements may be moved, cloned, added, deleted, rearranged, combined or changed in any way that affects the integrity of the image content. No manipulation or modification is permitted except resizing, cropping, selective lightening or darkening, and restoration of original color of the scene. No special effect filters can be added or applied, and any sharpening must appear natural. Acceptable adjustments include; Cropping, Color correction, Overall brightness correction, White balance correction, Flare reduction or removal, Saturation, Recovering shadow detail, Resizing, Straightening, Flipping or reversing the image, Contrast control, Noise reduction, Sharpening.


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