The Black Hills Photography Club is…

…organized to promote all aspects of the photographic arts and to educate, aid, and benefit, by mutual cooperation, those interested in photography and the photographic arts.

We are a group of photographers bound together by our love of photography and the photographic arts. BHPC membership is diverse with varying interests and experience levels in both digital and film photography.

 Monthly Meetings are normally held on the second Tuesday of each month.

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks 
The Outdoor Campus – West
4130 Adventure Trail
Rapid City, SD  57702


A wise sage once said:

“The one thing I consistently find that connects all photographers is this passion we all have for this incredible art form. Photography is more than a job or a hobby – I think it is a special way we find to look at the world and share our visions of the world with others.”


Board Members

President: Cheri Schmidt
Vice President: Eva Bareis 
Secretary: Meri Clason
Treasurer: Sherry Robb
Member-at-Large: Ted Ayers
Member-at-Large: Krista Hofer


Committee Members

BHPC Competition Chair: Savanna Schara
N4C Competition Chair: Dan Ray
Field Trip Chair: Rachel Pogorelski
Workshop Chair: Sarah Dinesen
Exhibit Chair: April Oedekoven
Newsletter: Barry Castetter
Web Master: Kaleb Zook