Workshop & Program Descriptions

Workshops Programs

Chad Coppess – Welcome to Photography Week in South Dakota

Join us as we welcome everyone to the 61st Annual N4C Convention. From turkey attacks to run away vans, from the top of Mount Rushmore to the depths of Wind Cave, Chad Coppess has seen and photographed a great deal in the 24 years he has roamed South Dakota as the Senior Photographer for the South Dakota Department of Tourism & State Development. See his “Dakotagraphs” and hear the stories behind them.


Ted Ayers – Basic Photography Elements

Learn how to take your camera off AUTO. This program will include explanations of the key camera functions (exposure meter, white balance, autofocus, histogram), the exposure triangle (shutter speed, aperture, ISO), composition, lighting, and lens selection.


Johnny Sundby & Russell Lloyd Jensen – Portrait Photography 101: Part 1

The Basics and Introduction

Sponsored by PPA

In Part 1 of Portrait Photography 101, Johnny and Russell will discuss the basics of posing and lighting for both indoor and outdoor portraiture. Included in this section are basic do’s and don’ts of portraiture, lighting ratios and equipment needed to get the job done!


Stan Tekiela – Uncommon Facts About Common Birds

This is a fun and entertaining talk presenting fascinating facts and tidbits about some of the birds that people love to hate along with some of the more common birds in our yard. Stan will challenge your preconceived ideas about some common birds such as the European Starling, the American Crow and much, much more. You will never look at these birds the same way ever again. This talk wraps up with a message of conservation and understanding.


Johnny Sundby & Russell Lloyd Jensen – Portrait Photography 101: Part 2

What You Thought You Knew

Sponsored by PPA

During Part 2 of Portrait Photography 101, Johnny and Russell will take lighting and posing to the next level and discuss some more advanced rules and techniques for portraiture. They will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of breaking rules and expound on Part 1.


Bruce & Tass – China: Land of the Dragon

From the glitz and mind-boggling growth of modern China to the surreal beauty of the Longji rice terraces in the monsoon season, from lowland rainforest to the Tibetan plateau, Bruce Junek and Tass Thacker explore ethnic minority villages and colorful traditional festivals, then cycle along the ancient Silk Route into the Gobi Desert. Don’t miss this captivating program filled with stunning photos, insights, adventure, and humor—an exciting and unique perspective on this fast changing and remarkable country. The husband and wife team have traveled and bicycled through 54 countries, and have given programs of their adventures across the United States. This was the first trip they used digital cameras. Previously, they would carry hundreds of rolls of film on their bicycles!


Bonny Fleming – Altered Reality

What is this N4C category called Altered Reality? Let Bonny Fleming show you some beginner tips and tricks in Photoshop so you, too, can create your own reality. When life gives you a poor subject matter, simply make it better by using the computer. The possibilities are endless!


Johnny Sundby & Russell Lloyd Jensen – Portrait Photography 101: Part 3

 Hands-on Shooting

Sponsored by PPA

During Part 3 of Portrait Photography 101, the students from Part 2 will travel inside and outside the hotel with two seasoned pros as they photograph both men and women. See first-hand what they are thinking and seeing. Bring your cameras! The instructors will have lighting, reflectors and radio transmitters that some of you may use. You do not need to bring your own lighting. Johnny shoots Nikon and Russell shoots Canon.   (Must have taken Part 2 to take Part 3)


Mike Moats – Creating a Successful Image

Mike has had success with his macro photography being published in many photography magazines, contest wins and selling thousands of prints in art shows. He has analyzed what makes his images successful and will teach you how to take your photography to the next level.


Tom Simmons – Drones and Photography

Want to learn how to select the correct sUAS (drone) for aerial photography? Tom will cover selecting the right sUAS for your projects. He will focus on the DJI Inspire 1 & 2 with their camera system, but also consider the Phantom 4 Pro and custom heavy lift platforms for flying the Canon Z-15, Panasonic GH4 and Sony A7. The field of Drone Photography is constantly changing. Learn about what is new and exciting.


Paul Horsted – The Black Hills Yesterday & Today

Paul specializes in finding sites of historic photographs and creating a precise replica today. Come along as Paul take us on a journey through the history of the Black Hills and discover what it was like to be in our ancestors’ shoes.


Jeff Vanuga – Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks –

A Sense of Place

Keynote Speaker/Friday Night Banquet

Many photographers check off different locals and National Parks after photographing them once, never to return. Jeff Vanuga has spent the last 35 years photographing Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks and has built his career on photographing the ecosystem in every season and every imaginable weather condition. His program will include a lifetime of photographing this magical place and will show many of the iconic features, backcountry geyser basins and the abundant and beautiful wildlife from this part of the world. He has been a working professional photographer since the early ‘80s, with countless publications and numerous international awards to his credit.


Mike Wolforth – Advanced Photoshop

In this course, you will learn about blending modes, smart filters, layer mask and some tips and tricks to making editing easier. You will explore the importance of shooting in RAW and how to batch edit. You will also explore the new Select and Mask filter and the importance of resolution for web and print. You should be an intermediate to advance Photoshop user.


Steve Babbitt – A Conversation on Copyright

So, you think simply putting the copyright symbol on your artwork protects you? What if I told you no! In this session, Steve Babbitt will bring to light the problems photographers have in this digital age and will show you what you can do to protect yourself.


Eden Bhatta – Astrophotography

This talk will be about the basics of astrophotography, starting with planning the shot, capturing the image and then followed by a brief introduction of processing the images.


Stan Tekiela – Bears

This program is based on Stan’s book and covers some of the most amazing aspects of bears. It’s packed with amazing images of three species of bear found in North America – black, brown and polar bear. Stan will explain in his fun and entertaining way all about the different kinds of bears along with telling some of the most amazing stories of his adventures in the wild to capture these incredible images. Hundreds of award winning images are the backbone of this presentation.


Cody Lere – A Start to Finish on Techniques to Push Your Camera’s Limits

From start to finish, you will learn to prepare, edit and sharpen single and multiple exposure images. The process will start with the preparation of RAW files in Lightroom and end in Photoshop with localized adjustments and exposure blending from advanced masking techniques, along with final sharpening for print and the web.


Rick Sammon – Creative Visualization for Photographers

In this informative and fun-filled presentation, Canon Explorer of Light Rick Sammon will begin by sharing his people, wildlife, landscape and travel pictures from around the globe- illustrative creative visualization for photographers. For every image, Rick will share a photographic technique, digital darkroom tip or photo philosophy. He will cover composition, seeing the light, controlling light, playing with the light, HDR, setting goals and getting/staying motivated. This is not just a slide show of pretty images. Rick is here to share what he has learned over his many years as a professional photographer. As Rick “takes” us on a visual journey through the exciting world of digital photography, he will share some of his favorite Lightroom and Photoshop techniques.



Jeff Vanuga – Sylvan Lake Workshop

(Limited to 15 participants)

Join Jeff on the shores of Sylvan Lake for an on-site workshop on landscape photography. Learn first-hand as Jeff explores a location and visualizes his shot. Jeff will not only show you his vision and how he executes it, but he will also walk around as each participant sets up their own camera and guide them throughout the creative process. Carpooling is recommended to minimize expense. There is a park pass requirement since Sylvan Lake is in Custer State Park.


Matt Bunkers – Storm Chasing, Photography and Safety: Training for the Non-Meteorologist

Looking to get into weather photography? During this class, Matt will discuss storm observing (versus chasing), the importance of safety, basic climate and forecast information, photography considerations and the best practices from his experience.


Paul Horsted – Our National Parks Yesterday & Today

Paul specializes in finding sites of historic photographs and creating a precise replica today. Come along as Paul delves into one of America’s best inventions – The National Park, and see how much they have changed over the years.



Mike Moats – Macro Mini Boot Camp

Learn about the equipment and accessories for macro photography and how to control “depth of field” which is the number one issue macro photographers have. Bring your camera, macro lens and tripod, as Mike will have lots of interesting subjects to photograph. If you don’t have a macro lens, Tamron will have lenses available to loan out during the convention.


N4C Board Meeting

Everyone is welcome to attend the annual N4C Board meeting. You do not need to register; you may come and go as you like.


Rick Sammon – Get Motivated/Stay Motivated

Keynote Speaker/Saturday Night Banquet

In his keynote address, Rick Sammon covers the most important element in photography: Getting Inspired and Staying Motivated. To drive home his point, Rick will share his “Top Ten” list of how to get inspired and how to stay motivated. This list, which Rick will expand upon, includes: Steal, Search, Share, Join, Learn, Change, Travel, Enjoy, Look and Walk.